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Lion Of Judah



Thobbie is a multi-talented Worshipper whose originality cuts across various facets of music as a Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Director, Vocal Trainer, Song Writer, Song Arranger and Producer. He resides in the United States.
His passion for music and entertainment started from primary school where he was a drummer and singer in school. He organised his first live concert at the age of 17 and with its success, he realised that he could be whatever he dreamt of becoming. His story has been a true example of Gods favour and elevation, from grace to grace!
His preparation and journey within service was jumpstarted at the age of 16 when he became a Music Director. He has worked and ministered with several world renowned artists over the years.
Thobbie has been a Judge at several talent reality shows, he’s won several awards in the category, “Touch of Excellence in music” at the Greatpath Award, “Best worship song” in Mega awards and National Gospel award , and recently won an award at the Shaback Music Awards 2017 in New York, USA as the “Outstanding Worshipper, Song Writer, and Producer”.
Today, Thobbie is a Gospel artist whose songs are gradually gaining acceptance and he has organized several concerts to his credit.
Recently, God gave him a vision called “WORSHIP WITHOUT WALLS (E-WORSHIP)”, used to unite the people around the globe in worship – 1 God, 1 vision, 1 worship experience.
This platform reaches people in several countries in worship through the internet, by joining any of the live-stream platforms from there location.
This worship experience is geared towards touching and transforming lives via the internet.



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